Lesson #7 – Stockholm Syndrome

One-point perspective…that’s my challenge today. We are given a choice between a quaint weather-boarded alleyway in a Kent village or a lugubrious street scene in Stockholm.  I grab the Swedish street scene – I need to escape, if only through a photograph. Having figured out my vanishing point, I then lose myself in the SundayContinue reading “Lesson #7 – Stockholm Syndrome”

Lesson #6 – Putting it in perspective

Today it’s perspective. I need more of that. I’m working from a photograph. It’s supposed to be one of those quaint picket fenced houses on the West coast of the US. Unfortunately, the house has decided to have its photo taken edge on. That means that I need to know something about two-point perspective. WeContinue reading “Lesson #6 – Putting it in perspective”

Lesson #5 – One for sorrow…

There’s nothing more liberating than starting with a clean page. Yet at the same time it’s daunting. So many misadventures and calamities waiting to happen. Still, a march of a thousand miles begins with the first step … as Confucius said (or some other geezer).  I’ve got a vast piece of virgin cartridge paper awaitingContinue reading “Lesson #5 – One for sorrow…”

Lesson #4 – Splattering

I’ve arrived late and in a fluster. My fellow creatives are already nested among their tools. As for me, I’m digging deep in my satchel, looking for long lost implements. I really should have washed those brushes. My palette is long dried out and has fossilised last week’s mishaps of browns and mucky greys. ItContinue reading “Lesson #4 – Splattering”

Lesson #3 -Wet on wet

I arrived early for this week’s lesson. The prospect of doing ‘wet on wet’; ‘taking off’ and ‘feathering’ was a great incentive – they do all sorts in Kent. I reach for my watercolour set – I was hoping to get money off from the craft shop because there doesn’t seem to be a blackContinue reading “Lesson #3 -Wet on wet”

Lesson #2 – Scumbling in the dark

Okay, I hear you say… ‘don’t give up the day job’.  It’s not a masterpiece, but an experimentation with pencil shading. Besides, I’ve already given up my day job. And of course it’s the process that’s important rather than the product (well that will be my excuse for a crap drawing). No, I haven’t misspeltContinue reading “Lesson #2 – Scumbling in the dark”

Lesson #1: I forgot to buy my pencils

There’s a small gathering I can see on the other side of the door. These are my new classmates. I wave from my jalopy to catch their attention. It’s cold out here – eventually my new able-bodied friends see my predicament. With a warm blast of air I’m inside and amongst strangers huddling outside theContinue reading “Lesson #1: I forgot to buy my pencils”