Lesson #7 – Stockholm Syndrome

One-point perspective…that’s my challenge today. We are given a choice between a quaint weather-boarded alleyway in a Kent village or a lugubrious street scene in Stockholm.  I grab the Swedish street scene – I need to escape, if only through a photograph. Having figured out my vanishing point, I then lose myself in the Sunday morning indolence of this scene. A middle-aged lady stands at a doorway. No other signs of life except the casually abandoned ‘sit up and beg’ bikes that are strewn along the side. There’s something so stylish about Scandies – even forsaken bikes have a feeling of ‘shaggy chique.’

I seem to spend the first hour just sketching windows. There are so many of them. I’m rather hoping that my sketch will appeal to a double glazing salesman… or perhaps some other niche fan base. Sticking to the rules of one-point perspective, I seem to be drawing lines at the most unlikely of angles. But it creates the desired illusion.

I’ve truly escaped just for one hour into this landscape. It takes me there… I’m hearing the dog barking and the beer sign ‘Spendrups’ gently swinging. If I’ve got my painting right, I’ll also do the same for the viewer.

Stockholm syndrome… a condition that causes hostages to develop a psychological alliance with their captors. Is that happening to me? … now ensconced in the Brexit for which there is no exit. Keep your voice down… believe in the humanity of your captors. If we’re not with them, we’re against them. It’s just like rugby isn’t it… we all need to push together?? When a victim holds the same values as the aggressor, they cease to be perceived as a threat.

That’s me done. I haven’t included the lady in the doorway or the bicycles. Can I leave that to your imagination. I’m afraid my draughtsmanship fails me at this point.

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