Lesson #6 – Putting it in perspective

Today it’s perspective. I need more of that. I’m working from a photograph. It’s supposed to be one of those quaint picket fenced houses on the West coast of the US. Unfortunately, the house has decided to have its photo taken edge on. That means that I need to know something about two-point perspective. We can either work in charcoal or watercolour. The art teacher shows how you can make a street scene that radiates from two points on the horizon. Maybe this will take me out of ‘postman Pat’ land where everything is uncomplicated: where nothing has depth.

I’ve chosen watercolour – I always like to work outside of my comfort zone. Big mistake. Only later do I realise that I’ve been using regular paper instead of that forgiving watercolour paper that can make anything look organic and misty. My colour palette refuses to yield that intense lemon colour on the porch. And the blue of the eaves is elusive to my brush. I’m still looking for the colour white in my palette.

I struggle on. I’m not a quitter. But I’m eventually saved by the bell. This one’s definitely for the bottom drawer, to remain undiscovered until a new art movement has emerged –

But I’ll not be deterred. Perhaps I’ll venture out attired with my smock and cravat – getting ideas from Maidstone High Street. Let’s hope it will reveal more than a one-dimensional postman Pat land.

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