Lesson #4 – Splattering

I’ve arrived late and in a fluster. My fellow creatives are already nested among their tools. As for me, I’m digging deep in my satchel, looking for long lost implements. I really should have washed those brushes. My palette is long dried out and has fossilised last week’s mishaps of browns and mucky greys. It seems that you can’t escape your past mistakes. I guess they become a part of you – your signature.

We are doing layering in today’s class. The idea is to put paint on top of paint. We’ve moved from the watery oblivion of last week to the considered brushstrokes of today. Maybe you can recover from past misdemeanours. I’m working on last week’s painting again now it’s all dried out. But I’ve discovered this layering is not quite so forgiving. It seems that you can only make things darker. But there’s an elaborate bloom around the petals that are irrevocably dark. I want to make them brilliant white again.

Yes, my social prescriber did tell me to concentrate on the process and not the product. Trouble is, I keep on seeing life lessons as I paint. After all, I’m not kidding myself about being a painter. My lesson has appeared too late and seems to mock me. If you make things too dark to start with, it’s there to stay. There’s no going back to the lighter hues. This layering process allows you to recompense for the follies of youth. But things just keep getting darker and more convoluted. Let me get back to where I was, so I can make all the same mistakes again.

Now we are moving onto splattering… that’s more like it.

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